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Hey Fellow Earthly Souls.

Thou may refer to me as Abhay Agarwala, a Final Year Undergraduate Student of Jadavpur University.

Recently, I found something interesting while trespassing in the Machine Learning alley of the AI world. I was working on a simple task of classifying tweets in the past year on the basis of sentiment conveyed by them. The datasets had separate files for each day and a plot of the sentiment score variation with time was required. (One might accurately predict negative sentiments to explode in the last year, yet we were stubborn enough to find the silver lining.)

Early on A Chilly Winter Morning

Wrapped in Silvery Foggy Blanket,

The city had just started Rising

Humans moving around in a Jacket

Street dwellers sleeping in Blankets.


In a while, the Sun starts shining

The rays still gentle and pleasant

The Golden energy strengthening

As Eyes adapt for a vision more vibrant.


Eyes wide open, Face Relaxed

Psyche is unleashed yet No vibration

Mind is blissful and blessed,

Body soaked in warmth and contention,

As the soul gets nurtured with the sight at hand


Advancing towards a Grand bridge

Teen in the world,

and Strong as…

Abhay Agarwala

Computer Geek, Reader and Developer

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